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Do you have the ambition to becoming an effective leader in the age of innovation?

In our work we tend to lean on a mindset that draws from our knowledge and experience, which works well when changes are slight. The usual leadership style also tends to gear towards this mindset. An environment where change occurs rapidly creates another demand, though. It calls for a leadership style that encourages a mindset that engages a group to define novel solutions. A style that guides a group towards a direction that is new for them and that leans on creativity as a core leadership competence.


Branko Broekman


Want to boost your ability to deliberately engage the group’s imagination to achieve an innovation?

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Branko Broekman – Creativity Professional

I came home to the inspiring world of creative thinking in 1997. Since then I help people cook with Columbus’ egg. The fun and passion that springs up when people are forging surprising, original alternatives for complex questions is my drive in work and life.

As a speaker about creative leadership, facilitator of productive thinking sessions and as a trainer I am offering an effective structure to think and act with a creative mindset.

Creativity and leadership in achieving change
Creative leadership combines structuring the process to get to new solutions with attention for landing the solution. “Successful adoption of a new solution by the environment is a subtle interplay between the work environment, talent and solutions. I facilitate you to integrate the principles of creative thinking in your personal leaderships style. I help you to tap from this powerful source, so you’ll navigate flexibly through the wayward process of change. “The trick is to toggle between what you develop and how you structure the getting there.” Applying the creative mindset in change efforts is second nature to me. I like to share my experience and insights with people who have the ambition to operate effectively in diffuse situations and put tangible solutions in place.

Originally skilled as a landscape architect and environmental engineer, I experienced the power of creative thinking when I was working as a project leader on the restoration of natural areas at the Ministry of Transportation and Water Management in the Netherlands. It made me decide to pursue my Master in Creativity and Change Leadership at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, in Buffalo, New York. I am a certified Foursight Advanced trainer and a certified Master Coach in intercultural NLP. I live my artistic creativity as a sculptor.

Dutch (mother tongue), fluent in English, German and Italian.


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I have worked with numerous individuals, companies and non-profit organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa.

Recently I have worked on and with the creative potential of:

Abbot, Bayer, Belgacom; Calefax; Copaco; deMENSEN; DHL, ENEL; FUJIFILM; Great Place to Work, MSD; Heerema Sealife; ING; Rabofarm; Roche; SDU; SINIAT; SOVAK; UBISOFT; Vopak Agencies; WELLA; Yask; Zorgbalans Haarlem; Amsterdam Medical Centre; ANWB; the Dutch Filmfund; Royal Dutch Dental Organization; Regional Council for Schiphol; Pension fund Catering industry; Trivire; Zinnergy Enschede; the Dutch Ministeries of Education, Internal affairs and Economic affairs, Flemish Ministery of CJSM; Dutch Vehicle Licensing Authority; Province of South-Holland; Drenthe; municipalities of Amsterdam; Eindhoven; Paris; Rome; Rotterdam; Safety region Brabant South-east; University of Utrecht; Wageningen University; Tilburg University; Fontys Hogeschool; the Shipping- and Transport College Rotterdam; Koning Willem I College, Marnix Academie; Essenzo Business School; Alfa College; Stella Maris.

Centrum voor Ontwikkeling van Creatief DenkenI am affiliated with COCD, the Center for Development of Creative Thinking in Antwerp, Belgium. As COCD’s creative director, I coordinate the content of the Applied Creativity training programs and consults in change efforts.

I combine this with directing the Academy for Creative Leadership, which is organizing an MSc Program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe.
I am an adjunct-faculty of the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) in Buffalo, NY.

ICSC's master program in Europe

Yearly I contribute at the CREA conference in Sestri Levante and by occasion also to the Creativity Expert Exchange in Buffalo and Mindcamp in Toronto.

CRKBO kenmerk geregistreerd docent


I am registered in the Dutch CRKBO, a central registration of independently working teachers who meet the Quality Code for Teachers.
You can check the registration on the webpage of the CRKBO.

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Branko Broekman